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Disabling Particles

Table of contents
  1. Disabling Particles


In the event that you want to disable a particle, it is recommended to do so from the particle file itself as opposed to simply making the particle texture transparent in particles.png. Additionally, disabling a particle might offer a slight performance boost compared to making it transparent, as transparent particles are still emitted (but not visible).

The basic idea of disabling a particle from emitting is as follows:

    "format_version": "1.10.0",
    "particle_effect": {
        "description": {
            "identifier": "minecraft:some_vanilla_particle",
            "basic_render_parameters": {
                "material": "particles_alpha",
                "texture": "textures/particle/particles"
        "components": {
            "minecraft:emitter_lifetime_expression": {
                "activation_expression": 0,
                "expiration_expression": 1
            "minecraft:emitter_rate_manual": {
                "max_particles": 0