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What’s a Schema?

Table of contents
  1. What’s a Schema?
  2. Schemas
  3. VSCode
    1. Adding Schema to Workspaces

A JSON schema gives you two things: validation to be sure that your JSON has the correct structure, and (depending on editor support) intellisense to help you write your JSON correctly to begin with. Schemas are nice because they give you instant feedback when you screw something up, but they can’t catch everything.

JSON schemas are just JSON files themselves and don’t do anything on their own. You can write your own or use somebody else’s. There’s a handful of schemas for Bedrock out there already. Since none of the schemas are “official” (that I know of), and since Bedrock is a moving target, there will probably be some inaccuracies in any schema that you find. So keep that in mind: sometimes the issue will be in your code, sometimes the schema may be wrong. If you find a wrong schema, consider improving it and giving the author a pull request, to our collective benefit.

To get the validation working, you’ll need a validator. You have many options here, including editor-specific options.


Many schemas exist, with many small differences. Try out different schemas and see which one works best for you:

Author Supports Note
Assassin Behavior pack entity file The original Schema this article was written for
BlueFrogGames Behavior pack entity file, resource pack entity file, spawn rules, items  
Tschrock’s Manifest, Actor Animation Controller, Actor Animations, Actor Resource Definition, Render Controller, Geometry  
stirante Shaders  


To use this schema inside your JSON file in VSCode, simply add this line to your root object:

"$schema": ""

It should look like something like this:

"format_version": "1.14.0",
"$schema": ""

Adding Schema to Workspaces

If you want to utilize this schema to work with all of your files inside your Workspace, you can add it to your VS Code Workspace’s settings.

To do this, make sure you’re in your workspace, then, press Ctrl+Shift+P and type and select >Preferences: Open Workspace Settings (JSON). After that, add this to the root object

"settings": {
	"json.schemas": [
			"fileMatch": [
			"url": ""

To test if it works, create a .json file, open an object, and see if you get the auto-completion options. (You can also press Ctrl+Space to force it into showing the available options.)