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The Beginners Guide is being migrated to the Wiki - And you can help!

12 October 2020
Tags: guide-updates

The Beginner’s Guide,, is currently actual as of v1.16.0. I have covered almost every single aspect of Add-On creation in it.
However, the Guide has grown too big to manage myself, to bring in edits and new subGuides every time the Add-On API is changed. That is why the Guide is now going fully Open Source!
Since GitHub provides much better collaboration techniques, the Guide is currently being ported over there, to be eventually merged with (The will start pointing to the new location).
And you can help!

  • Has the guide helped you do your first steps in Add-On creation?
  • Do you think you can help the new beginners with your knowledge?
  • Are you willing to help with the project?

Everyone is able to help with porting, and afterwards editing and writing the Guide. Everyone’s help is to be greatly appreciated.

In order to help converting the Guide from it’s original form to .md, you can join the official Wiki Discord and proceed to the #guide-migration channel.