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Minecraft Emojis

Emoji Type
  1. Minecraft Emojis
    1. General
    2. Mobile (iOS/Android/Fire TV)
    3. PC (Windows 10/MacOS/Chrome OS)
    4. Xbox (One/Series X/Series S)
    5. Nintendo Switch
    6. Playstation (4/5)
    7. Oculus (Rift/Rift S)
    8. Windows MR (Mixed Reality)
  2. Custom Emoji

Minecraft has a bunch of hard-coded Private Use Unicode symbols that it automatically converts to Emoji-like symbols. These can be used anywhere where normal letters can - signs, books, item names, chat, etc.

Below you can find platform specific Emoji’s, as well as general symbols. Copy/paste the “box” character under the Letter colum directly into Minecraft.

There will be instructions for creating custom emoji at the bottom.


Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Armor U+E101 )
Food U+E100 )
Minecoin U+E102 )
Token U+E105 )
Agent U+E103 )
Immersive Reader U+E104 )
Craft Toggle On U+E0A0 )
Craft Toggle Off U+E0A1 )

Mobile (iOS/Android/Fire TV)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Jump U+E084 )
Couch U+E085 )
Fly Up U+E086 )
Fly Down U+E087 )
Left Arrow U+E081 )
Right Arrow U+E083 )
Up Arrow U+E080 )
Down Arrow U+E082 )

PC (Windows 10/MacOS/Chrome OS)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Left Click U+E060 )
Right Click U+E061 )
Middle Click U+E062 )

Xbox (One/Series X/Series S)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Y U+E003 )
B U+E001 )
A U+E000 )
X U+E002 )
Back U+E008 )
Start U+E009 )
LB (Left Bumper) U+E004 )
RB (Right Bumper) U+E005 )
LT (Left Trigger) U+E006 )
RT (Right Trigger) U+E007 )
LS (Left Stick) U+E00A )
RS (Right Stick) U+E00B )
D-pad Up U+E00C )
D-pad Right U+E00F )
D-pad Down U+E00E )
D-pad Left U+E00D )

Nintendo Switch

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
X U+E042 )
A U+E040 )
B U+E041 )
Y U+E043 )
+ U+E049 )
- U+E048 )
L (Left Bumper) U+E044 )
R (Right Bumper) U+E045 )
ZL (Left Trigger) U+E046 )
RL (Right Trigger) U+E047 )
L (Left Stick) U+E04A )
R (Right Stick) U+E04B )
D-pad Up U+E04C )
D-pad Right U+E04F )
D-pad Down U+E04E )
D-pad Left U+E04D )

Playstation (4/5)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Triangle U+E023 )
Circle U+E021 )
Cross U+E020 )
Square U+E022 )
Options/Share U+E029 )
Touch Pad U+E028 )
L1 (Left Bumper) U+E024 )
R1 (Right Bumper) U+E025 )
L2 (Left Trigger) U+E026 )
R2 (Right Trigger) U+E027 )
L3 (Left Stick) U+E02A )
R3 (Right Stick) U+E02B )
D-pad Up U+E02C )
D-pad Right U+E02F )
D-pad Down U+E02E )
D-pad Left U+E02D )

Oculus (Rift/Rift S)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
0 U+E0E0 )
B U+E0E2 )
A U+E0E1 )
Y U+E0EA )
X U+E0E9 )
LG (Left Grip) U+E0E3 )
RG (Right Grip) U+E0E4 )
LT (Left Trigger) U+E0E7 )
RT (Right Trigger) U+E0E8 )
LS (Left Stick) U+E0E5 )
RS (Right Stick) U+E0E6 )

Windows MR (Mixed Reality)

Name Letter (Copy/Paste This) Unicode Image
Menu U+E0C2 )
Windows U+E0CD )
Left Touchpad U+E0C5 )
Left Horizontal Touchpad U+E0C6 )
Left Vertical Touchpad U+E0C7 )
Right Touchpad U+E0C8 )
Right Horizontal Touchpad U+E0C9 )
Right Vertical Touchpad U+E0CA )
LT (Left Trigger) U+E0CB )
RT (Right Trigger) U+E0CC )
LG (Left Grab) U+E0C0 )
RG (Right Grab) U+E0C1 )
LS (Left Stick) U+E0C3 )
RS (Right Stick) U+E0C4 )

Custom Emoji

<p class="panel-warning" markdown="1">This method is not officially supported. Use with caution on the Marketplace!</p>

To make a custom emoji, we use a very similar method to the pre-built emoji, except instead of using the Microsoft sprite-sheets, we overwrite them with our own! Some character-slots are already used up with the emoji above, but there are blank slots we can use.

Please note that the following files have been annotated with slot information: If you use them directly, existing Emoji will have numbers added on top of them. If you need the original sprite-sheets, you can get them from the Vanilla Resources on your system (not included in the Vanilla Resource Pack downloads).

To get started, you should copy the sprite-sheets into these locations:



Your filepath should look like this:

  • RP
    • font
      • glyph_E0.png
      • glyph_E1.png

Once you have emojis inside the glyph_E0.png or glyph_E1.png you need to find your character in a hex. First two characters (E0 or E1) depend on which file you added emojis to. Next to characters determine the position inside the image like this <row><column>, where each character is a number in hexadecimal numeral system.

Hexadecimal uses the decimal numbers and six extra symbols. There are no numerical symbols that represent values greater than nine, so letters taken from the English alphabet are used, specifically A, B, C, D, E and F. Hexadecimal A = decimal 10, and hexadecimal F = decimal 15(Source). Numbers in hexadecimal should be written with 0x prefix.

So after you are done, it might look like 0xE102 and need to convert the hex into a character. You can copy and paste your hex on a website like or for more advanced creators

Additionally, you can use the one below.