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Dummy Components

Table of contents
  1. Dummy Components
    1. Integer Dummies
    2. Bit Dummies
  2. Dummies
    1. Colors for the color and color2 components

Dummy components are useless components that are only used for data storage. Dummy components don’t do anything on their own. They need to be paired with secondary mechanics to have any function. Dummy components are useful because they allow us to store information on the entities, and use the information to drive graphics/gameplay mechanics.

Good examples are variant and mark_variant. These components can be set with an Integer value. In the vanilla resource pack, this Integer is used to pick the textures for the Cat, and Horse. Another good example is is_tamed, which is used by the Horse to handle whether he is ridable or not.

Dummy components are good because they allow us to save data about our entity, and then query this data using Molang.

Integer Dummies

Integer dummies are set with an integer value, which allows you to store numbers, such as 1, 10, or 1423. These integers can be read using queries. Integer dummies are the most useful.

Bit Dummies

Bit dummies store a single bit of information. Namely True or False. For example is_tamed, which is either False (not added to the entity), or True (Added to the entity).


Type Query Component Notes
Int query.variant minecraft:variant  
Int query.mark_variant minecraft:mark_variant  
Int query.skin_id minecraft:skin_id  
Int* Filter like: "test": "is_color", colors are provided below. minecraft:color Also sets color in materials.
Int* No known filter, but can be used with "has_component" minecraft:color2 Also sets color in materials.
Bit query.is_illager_captain minecraft:is_illager_captain  
Bit query.is_baby minecraft:is_baby Disables use of minecraft:breedable
Bit query.is_sheared minecraft:is_sheared  
Bit query.is_saddled minecraft:is_saddled  
Bit query.is_tamed minecraft:is_tamed  
Bit query.is_chested minecraft:is_chested Will drop chest on death
Bit query.is_powered minecraft:is_charged  
Bit query.is_stunned minecraft:is_stunned  
Bit query.can_climb minecraft:can_climb Will allow entities to climb ladders
Bit query.can_fly minecraft:can_fly Marks the entity as being able to fly, the pathfinder won’t be restricted to paths where a solid block is required underneath it.
Bit query.can_power_jump minecraft:can_power_jump Allows the entity to power jump like the horse does in vanilla.
Bit query.is_ignited minecraft:is_ignited  

Colors for the color and color2 components

  • black
  • blue
  • brown
  • cyan
  • gray
  • green
  • light_blue
  • light_green
  • magenta
  • orange
  • pink
  • purple
  • red
  • silver
  • white
  • yellow