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Understanding .mcfunction

Table of contents
  1. Understanding .mcfunction
  2. Running functions through tick.json
    1. Creating tick.json
    2. Warning

mcfunction files are stored in your BP as BP/functions/my_function.mcfunction. You can add as many functions as you like.

Functions are used to group multiple Minecraft commands (such as /say or /teleport) into managable chunks (or functions). Function files do not begin with /.


tag @s add dev
gamemode creative
effect @s night_vision 100000 1 true

Functions can be executed in game by typing /function name_of_function. This will execute all the commands in the function file, all in a single tick. Nested functions will also run in the same tick as the parent function.

Function files can be nested, for example: BP/functions/teleport/home.mcfunction will create a new function called teleport/home, which can be called in game like /function teleport/home.

Functions can be reloaded from file without leaving the game with the /reload command.

Running functions through tick.json

tick.json is server-side file located as BP/functions/tick.json that lets you execute function files.

Functions will be run each tick, as if placed in a repeating command block.

Creating tick.json

Create a file called tick.json in your root function folder. The format is this:

    "values": [


Functions triggered within tick.json will execute commands before the player has joined the world, so make sure your commands don’t break the game if they aren’t able to locate players.